Thursday, 19 February 2009

the water, it was wet

Roughly once a month I find a song that gets all the way under my skin, crawling around my internal organs. Sleep proves only to be temporary relief from the beat or lyric or melody that I enjoy the most at any given time; I fall asleep with it rattling around my skull, I wake up mouthing the words.


This week the song is 'The World Is Falling' by Mirah, a tragedy set against a story of a doomed vessel on its final voyage. It's the second track on her forthcoming album, (a)spera, on which she has assistance from Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie/Microphones and a few Decemberists. No information on which of the album's tracks Phil works on, but I'd bet a wage on this being one of them. Brooding picked guitar sidles along with a muted beat as Mirah hushes all to the ground around her before a contained implosion sees the last ninety seconds build and build until the captain of the ship concedes.

MP3: Mirah - The World Is Falling

Gentle Friendly are a band I know very little about, other than the drummer used to be in fidget-pop band Hundreds, Tens and Units and that they've released a cassette, an EP and concocted a strange mix of eighties songs available over at No Pain In Pop's blog - click!
Just one more thing I know about this band: their track 'Five Girl Night' was possibly my favourite of last year.

MP3: Gentle Friendly - Five Girl Night